Car Scrappage

Are you looking for a reliable car scrappage service in Yorkshire?
Due to the End-of Life Vehicles Regulations. Treatment of vehicles at the end of their life. Must be undertaken at Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs).
The ELV Directive introduces measures to promote and increase recycling. Helping to further protect the environment by requiring adequate de-pollution. Such as draining of fluids like engine oil and other possible pollutants. As a result this sets a base standard for the treatment of ELVs.
For those vehicles covered by the Regulations. The AFT will issue a Certificate of Destruction (CoD). Certificate of Destruction Information (PDF 170kb)
A Brunton has installed the market leading SEDA De-Pollution Station. We are also licensed as an authorised treatment facility. As a result we are able to treat ELVs and follow all current legislation.
The DVLA have authorised us to issue CoDs. Furthermore some of the worlds leading manufacturers use us as their contracted site.
You can deliver your scrap cars (ELVs) to our works or we can arrange collection as required.

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