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A. Brunton Waste Management

A Brief History of A. Brunton

“Early days...”
At the age of 14 Albert Brunton, (the origin of the trading name A. Brunton) left school and joined the family business, he was the son and grandson of rag and bone merchants, dating the business back to the early 1800's, he later recalls operating from premises in Sewerby Street Bridlington with only a handcart and a working capital of £1.00, he quickly progressed to a horse and cart starting his lifelong involvement and love of horses, later he acquired a model T Ford car which he converted into a truck instantly moving the business into the twentieth century, he also dabbled for a time in the taxi business operating a charabanc service between Bridlington and Flamborough.
Albert‘s son Alan carrying on the family tradition then joined the firm, this coincided with a move to Pinfold Street. After a spell in the army Alan came back home with great ambitions to expand the business, they then ventured into poultry then timber supplying logs to residents in Bridlington and surrounding areas.
Larger premises were needed and he started looking for a site to store logs over the summer when no one really wanted them and to sell in winter when demand was higher and so was the price. In 1950 he bought the wood yard at Boynton and the firms present location.
Alan now had more room for his expansion plans and started trading in scrap metal and used tractors as well as logs, he now gradually took over the day to day running of the business.
After leaving school Alan’s son Peter then joined the business which was now well established and regarded as the area’s leading scrap metal dealer with Albert looking after the non-ferrous side and Alan concentrating on the ferrous metals and tractor dealings.

At this time flat wagons were used to collect and deliver scrap to rail in Hull but in 1968 after an overnight storm the crane that unloaded the scrap blew down resulting in the load having to be unloaded by hand, this took most of the day, a new way had to be found, tipper wagons where considered, but peter had seen a new type of vehicle advertised in trade magazines, the 'Skip Loader'.

Although virtually unheard of at the time, the advantages in this type of vehicle were immediately obvious to Peter and he put the idea to his father, not being one to stand in the way of progress he agreed, and the very next day the first Skip Loader and one skip were bought starting a new chapter.

This vehicle was used initially for collection and delivery of scrap metal, but as local builders saw it enquiries soon came in to hire skips for general waste, extra skips were acquired to accomodate this new venture and A. Brunton Skip Hire was born. Later that year, Alan's other son John joined the business and an additional wagon had to be bought to cope with demand.


In 1984 saw another milestone when the first waste transfer station was built on the site (during the planning phase planning officers said the site was the tidiest scrap yard they had ever visited and quoted the site as a model scrap yard).

The company went from strength to strength constantly increasing its fleet and introducing new services including Roll on Off's and mobile compaction in the form of REL's (Read End Loader) to service the waste needs of industrial and commercial business.

In 1993 a major investment was made with the introduction of a wheeled bin service utilizing the new plastic bins, later that year saw the replacement of the REL's with FEL's (Front End Loaders) an American system that cuts the emptying time for a skip considerably, now the vehicle could empty far more skips in a day enabling the service to expand further afield.
In 1994 and 1995 Lee, John's son and Adam, Peter's son joined the business coinciding with the construction of a new larger indoor transfer station.
2007 saw further expansion and an extension to the transfer station.
In 2011 a fully automated waste segregation system and picking station was installed to separate all recyclables such as metal, cardboard, wood and plastics, the system also includes a screening plant producing soils and hard-core.
The business is now the leading waste management company in the area and still operates as a family concern by Peter, Adam and Lee, backed up by a valued team of drivers, yard operatives and office staff all working together to deliver an unbeatable service to their customers.